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le verre vide (the empty glass)(ut laege glaas)

le verre vide (the empty glass)(ut laege glaas)

a blog that expresses the mutual basic interests of a bunch of middle-aged (but young at heart) guys from Holland, who like to taste wine regularly and talk about wine, women and especially nonsense.

ein blögske van eine groep vieërtigers oet Zöstere, die van wien haute, det edere maondj degelik preuve en daobiej eine hieële houp sjaele kal verkaupe. Deeze blog môt ein biedrage levere aan het laevendig haute van dae zeiver; dit nao aanleiding van de 75ste bieëinkoms.

this blog has absolutely no pretentions. as long as it hasn't too much to do with serious winematters.
the pictures on this site are random found and picked on the internet without any check of rights. if you think that any rights are infringed please send an email. the picture will be removed immediately.

stealingfocus: Bordeaux by Marcelo Daldoce

itacawinetwork: An infographic about wine.

itacawinetwork vitis vinifera.